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Please mark the appropriate sentence that describes your experience with the UVA Bay Game.

____x___ I have NOT played the UVA Bay Game before.

Please respond to the following questions as completely as your current knowledge of the subject allows.

1. List the variables and concepts that you think are part of the Chesapeake Bay watershed system (You can list as many as you would like. Use additional space if needed).

Aquatic Ecosystem – plants and animals that would respond to various levels of chemicals, toxins, fertilizers, etc. that might find their way into the water.  Animals that process chemicals vs. animals that respond poorly to them.   When one group of organisms responds positively, does that group affect other organisms positively or negatively?
Agriculture – fisheries within the bay.  Surrounding farms, both animal and vegetable: runoff, water use.
Land Development – runoff from developments, removal of plants that would act as filters to the watershed, roads, car emissions, etc.

2. Describe the relationship and interaction between these variables. Be specific. For example, if you state that A influences B, indicate the direction and nature of the influence (i.e., A transforms B in this way, A increases/decreases B, etc.).

Example one: fertilizers from farms run off into watershed.  Fertilizers cause intense algae bloom.  Algae bloom chokes out fish.  Fish die, decomposing and becoming further food for algae.  Algae continue to proliferate, choking out many other life forms.  Without certain fish, clams, crabs & other food sources, bird populations die/move away.  Without birds, some other organisms can move in/proliferate, maybe mosquitoes.

This system could be easily altered by considering the factor roads and how they would accelerate the input of fertilizers to the bay.  The asphalt is an impermeable surface whereas soil generally filters and cleans at least some of the contaminants from runoff.  Additionally, road runoff siphons car emissions into the water system.

3. On a separate piece of paper, diagram (either free-hand or with a software program) the variables you described above demonstrating the relationships and interactions that influence the watershed.