After reading a few of the selections regarding thermal systems for this class, I’ve begun to think that a lot of the Site/System/Building issues are more closely related to contemporary explorations of clothing, technology, and cultural history than they are to contemporary architectural discourse.  “Green” seems to walk a kitschy line.

As a testament to this proposal, I submit a dearth of TED talks regarding climate control and the built environment.  The most interesting thing I found after searching for “architecture” was a sweet talk David Byrne gave on how architecture helped music evolve (acoustic system here, though, not thermal ones.  Although this raises questions about the the thermal properties of sound…)

Anyway, what I’ve found most compelling about the readings so far this week is the idea of a series of thermal envelopes that act as buffers for both the structural components of the built environment (so that they can weather the weather better) and as a way to ease the heat management burden of our most basic thermal barrier, our skin.  Additionally, the idea of using the physical properties of materials as part of a natural machine is enticing.