how one might see the world & the spaces we live in

South light –
a fascination with powerful shadows & geometries.

Gothic cathedrals: the cult of light.  Light as a generator of sacred geometries.  Structure provides for extraordinary transparency.

How do you construct a luminous environment? (Such as the relationship between the strong shaft of light of the oculus vs. the reflected light on the interior of the dome).

Obsession with the fixture

vs. quality of light.

Geometry, gold, candles.  The walls take on a quality where they become a light source.  Play between dimness & sparkle.  Light appears to emanate from the mosaic figures.

Late Modern Architecture: the chapel at Ronchamp echoing byzantine architecture.  Mass & Light: the south wall creates thick cavities, recalling side chapels & ancient medieval castles.  The gradient picks up reflections throughout the day, modeling the wall & space.

Lighting the wall, not the space

Glare vs. Glow

Light investigations – Turrell.  Confusing sensory information through the manipulation of the visual field