In conclusion to this class blog effort, I would like to illustrate how systems thinking regarding buildings has permeated my general experience in the world.  This has happened quite a lot at my home recently, where I am alone with my thoughts and my average-construction-studio-apartment.

For example, in looking at the diagrams from Kiel Moe’s article, I recognized an interesting condition that I live with on a daily basis:

all right, this is not exactly true.  My home condition is a little more complicated (stupid):

The placement of the heating unit leads me to spend 99.9-110% of my time at my house in the kitchen area, and also leads to an impossibility of getting up in the morning.

Hypothesis: SYSTEMS CONTROL OUR LIVES (new, right.)

When I look at this dreamy diagram, all I can think of is utilizing the entirity of my house at any given moment.

to be continued… Plumbing and beyond.